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Not Our Grandparent's Democratic Party

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1Not Our Grandparent's Democratic Party Empty Not Our Grandparent's Democratic Party on Sun Aug 28, 2011 10:23 am


“My family always supported the Democratic party. I was always told the Democrats supported and relieved the poor, unlike the Republicans who were greedy for more money.  At least I have the family influence of my grandmother to support the poor engraved in my heart. Please note it was both my grandparents who influenced and shaped my character. Having stated this moral clarification, my noble grandparents would vote for the governing official who knows the difference between killing the public and serving the public! Cyndi "

Steven wrote: "These are not only the words of a friend but they are my words too. The only wording I would add is “and my grandfather.” My grandparents were pillars of the Catholic Church.  They achieved Spirituality by practicing their Religion. They attended Mass everyday and prayed The Rosary on their knees 3 times per day. And they helped others in numerous ways. During the Great Depression, my grandfather was fortunate enough to have a steady job on the railroad. My grandparents shared meals in humble service to others in their neighborhood that were not as fortunate. And later on, when my grandfather fell off of the train and was no longer able to work and was on the verge of losing the house he had built in the 1920‘s, an official came and informed him that 2 weeks prior to his injury, the insurance policy my grandfather had would provide him and his family with an income for as long as my grandfather was disabled. Their house was saved. It sounds to me like that was a Democrat-initiated program.

I have been a Democrat, an Independent, and a Republican. But I have not supported the Democratic Party since I joined a Right To Life group when I lived in Vermont in the late 1970's. I agree with Fr. West that supporting the Democratic Party is nothing shy of collaborating with evil...sometimes with reflection...other times without.

After getting my degree in 1986, I worked in Human services. I worked with folks that had head injuries, to enable them to re-enter their communities and gain some independence. I worked in a homeless family shelter helping people to re-establish their lives. Then when I was in school again, I worked in a halfway house for deinstitutionalized adults. These were all low paying jobs that I held while I was a member of the Republican Party. I also worked in a hospital as a Respiratory Therapist. And now I make medicines for sick people. I have spent over 20 years in the helping professions. So I can also thank my grandparents for their wonderful example of service to their fellow man that is engraved in my heart. They were life-long members of the Democratic Party. 

But being a Democrat today because "they help people" is no longer without a price. Today you have to sell your soul to the devil and allow the Democrats to murder innocent children and end up destroying the lives of the mother's that are often times coerced into committing abortion. The Democrats used to be pro-life. Did you know that? But times have changed. The Democratic Party of today and for many years is not the Democratic Party of yesterday that our grandparents belonged to.

I think it was 1971 when Roe v Wade legalized the heinous crime of murdering innocent children in their mother’s womb. The Democrats were pro-life at the time and many ran their campaigns on a “Pro-Life” ticket. I worked on a Congressional campaign in the 1970’s where a first time candidate ran as a pro-life Democrat and won. Most of his constituents were pro-life. Then as the media succeeded in deceiving the voting public that abortion was a woman's right, this newly elected Congressman and his fellow Democrats switched from pro-life to pro-choice and became the party of death for unborn children. Many long time Democrats remain of the mindset that the Democrats are the people helping party and the Republicans are for the rich and hurters of the poor.

The Democratic Party of today is not the Democratic Party that your grandparents or my grandparents belonged to. Many Democrats cannot or will not see the Democratic Party for what it truly is, the Party that promotes the malicious killing of unborn children in their mother’s womb. Many folks that claim to be pro-life belong to the Democratic Party. They look the other way on abortion because they only want to see the Democratic Party as the Party that helps people. What about the thousands of innocent children that are killed in their mother’s womb every single day under the guise of a Woman’s Right To Choose? What about the Child’s Right To Life? I'm not saying that I know any more or any less than anyone else. I will say, however, that I try to go through life with my eyes open. God gave us our eyes to see, our ears to hear and our voice to speak out loudly against this heinous crime of abortion that takes thousands of lives of unborn children every day and more often than not, destroys the lives of the women that allow this crime to be committed on them and on their innocent child.

What can we do? We can Pray, Pray, Pray that the pro-abortionists in power (Democrat, Independent, Republican) be expelled from their positions as our representatives. These pro-abortion representatives do not represent those of us that are pro-life and they certainly do not represent the thousands of innocent children that are being murdered in the safety of their mother's womb by abortion every single day. Most young people of today are pro-life. Maybe the Hope of ending this heinous crime of murdering unborn children by abortion lies with them.


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