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You Are Not Gay! by Joseph Sciambra 2ih01sx

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You Are Not Gay! by Joseph Sciambra

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1You Are Not Gay! by Joseph Sciambra Empty You Are Not Gay! by Joseph Sciambra on Tue Nov 08, 2016 2:53 am



The message is a pretty simple one. It's that you don't have to be gay. 
You just don't hear that enough anymore. Because everything today is about identity in how we see ourselves. 

It's gotten to the point where say a man, who's born biologically male can suddenly say that, he's now a female, even if he hasn't had any sort of operation or taken any sort of hormones, he can just say and make it so.. just by believing..

But strangely enough, someone cannot say, that they are not gay. This is because many in the gay community and many of their allies and apologists will say: 

"You are born gay.
You may not be born biologically male or female, I mean that's fluid.  
But you're born gay and that's inescapable."

This is wildly inconsistent.

Let me look at it this way :  If you have a young man and I was very much like this.. a boy.. who is perhaps shy, sensitive.  Maybe their voice is a little high pitched or some of their mannerisms especially you know how they use their arms and their hands it's dramatic as you would say is feminine.  A lot of people will look at this kid and say "Well, he's exhibiting signs that he's gay."

Sometimes other kids will pick this up, not so much perhaps when they're very young that this boy is gay, but that he's different.  And then, this sets up something, then, where the child is being alienated and feels distant from his peers.

Sometimes it's at the same time, they're also feeling that, they don't have much in common with their fathers, so this also sets up, a feeling where the male is something removed from who you are and it's something desirable, something you wish you can be, or someone you wish you can be with.  And it's not necessarily sexual.

When people, you know say when they're a little older, maybe in their teens, although now that's happening much younger, suggests to you or you start feeling that through culture that you're really sexually attracted to these people, that you must be gay.  And that sort of answers all these questions for you. 

But you know.. Are you gay? 

And I would say, "Noo. You are not gay. 

And don't let anybody tell you that you are.  

Just because you feel a certain way, those feelings don't explain themselves.  They can be explained. 

So just don't let anyone bully you because they still try to do that.

You know here I am a man in my 40's and I've been out of gay for well over a decade.

People will try to say to me, "Hey Joe you're still gay. You know your voice is too high or your mannerisms are too feminant. And they say, "You're still gay. You're gay."

Well you know, they can't do that with me anymore, because I'm not a scared little kid anymore. You know, I know what's going on in here.. (Joe points to his brain).  And I know my feelings and I know my emotions. And I know that the way that I think about myself and the way that I think about other people.  And I know that I am not gay.  

I mean, I've done a lot of work. I use to be much more queeny you could say, but there's always more work to do.  So don't just let anybody try to categorize you just because of the way they think about you and the way they want to make themselves comfortable, and make the world ''all this neat little place" where people are straight and gay, and this and that, and you know you can never be anything else.

You can be who God made you to be.  And God did not make you to be gay. He made 'You to be You."  

God bless you.
For more information josephsciambra.com

OLOV's note: bighanky ..this message is so very beautiful..precious souls.. console .. grouphug ..

Lord, you pour out blessings and lovingkindness on me before I can even ask. And you offer more than I could even conceive of asking. -King David, Psalm 21

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