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Building Gaps in Preparedness For Natural Disaster 2ih01sx

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Building Gaps in Preparedness For Natural Disaster

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Quote\" Fema Getting Real II wrote:http://gettingreal-ii.webcaston.tv/vod/11-09-12-grii-p-practices-10.php

The purpose of the project was to create a multidimensional tool to educate and inform any community by increasing the knowledge base of those individuals in the community with an easy to access and useful resource. Join us and learn how to use existing resources to help your community plan for and respond to natural and manmade disaster. This presentation will give you an educational tool that will assist your community in preparing for and responding to disasters. This resource has been formatted to accommodate deaf, hard of hearing, blind, limited sight, and low literacy populations. The tool is free to use and distribute among your community. We will also highlight a current project that will soon be complete and shared for a more extensive public health related preparedness tool.


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