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The Miraculous Medal

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1The  Miraculous Medal Empty The Miraculous Medal on Sat May 02, 2009 2:01 am


Got This from IIPG Mir_Peace_Sharom
I love this story, and would like to share.

"I couldnt contain my joy and excitement on reading this post., about the Miraculous Medal that Mike shared in previous times.

I have a great love of the miraculous medal and my husband and I have given out hundreds and hundreds since our Medj Conversion in 1989.
But the joy in this is that one Hindu student of my husband Terry. who wore it was cured of Crohns disease. His medical reports show this. It was sudden after him being given the medal by my husband. There was no hope and then in 24hrs no sign of Crohns showed.
He said to my husband I want to go to your God, and give thanks.
So this was done , his testimony during a healing Mass, with a Priest who we know.

Another young student who had no faith carried it in his wallet and then gave it to a dying person in America.. and wrote to Terry asking for another one.
In Papua New Guinea Terry gave out many and the children wore them on string around their neck
We placed many near an old Jesuit building that had gone to another new age studies,, and prayed in Adoration for the buildings return..to its former glory when Jesuit Seminarians filled the halls. It now has been returned to the Catholic faith and Catholic Secondary School and the chapel restored to such beauty...

There are so many wonderful stories. How I love Our Ladies gift of this medal to us all. It is truly miraculous.
In God we trust and hope and thank HIM for the gift of our Beloved Gospa.

I could share so much more, but in Gods Grace and Our Blessed Mothers,, we can be the tools for their plan for the Salvation of this World , and our own Salvation.

God will heal some and others may be given the grace to carry their sickness,, but the power of this Medal we have seen as truly miraculous.
Just in the number of people even strangers who may share with us, and we immediatly tell them about the grace from the medal and our Lady and they always accept the medals from us..
Yes we are to be the voice and the hands for Jesus and Mary, and they do it all. The Holy Spirit blows where He Will. How blest we are to know and love God, how very Blest."

To God be all the Glory forever and ever.

Grace Grace Grace
Beverley Ann

2The  Miraculous Medal Empty Re: The Miraculous Medal on Wed May 13, 2009 4:15 pm


Thank you Easter for this post. I've just remembered that I gave a miraculous medal from Medj to the mother of an Indian friend who had cancer. She was healed after saying daily prayers on her behalf.
The fight continue against darkness. One prayer at a time.
Keep praying. Never give up!

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