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URGENT REQUEST By Joseph Sciambra: 2017 LA Religious Education Congress 2ih01sx

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URGENT REQUEST By Joseph Sciambra: 2017 LA Religious Education Congress

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I am asking ALL religious and lay speakers scheduled to address the 2017 LA Religious Education Congress to stand in solidarity with Catholic men and women who experience same-sex attraction. We deserve to hear and know the Truth just as much as any other child of God. Yet, at the LA Congress – EVERY speaker who will talk about the LGBT issue has a history of widely diverging from Catholic teachings. The most prominent featured speaker will be Arthur Fitzmaurice who has called for radical changes in the Catechism concerning homosexuality; he has gone as far as judging the inclusion of certain words in the Catechism as “gravely evil.” Would you be okay in speaking at the same forum with someone who advocated for the acceptance of masturbation, fornication, or pornography? Therefore, please boycott the LA Congress – it may be one small and insignificant action, but it will be remembered long after this event is blessedly forgotten.

Among the sins gravely contrary to chastity are masturbation, fornication, pornography, and homosexual practices. (CCC #2396)
Part and parcel of this problem I am encountering in getting ANY lay people in the media interested in this topic is what I see as the curious post-Vatican II rise of the so-called “professional Catholic.” These are people who essentially make their living from speaking at parishes and Catholic conferences; selling their books, t-shirts, and mugs; promoting their various apostolates and ministries. In large part, they are beholden to the Bishops for their livelihood. Therefore, in order to maintain access to Catholic venues – they will not even charitably critique a Bishop or a gross failure in outreach or ministry. The Catholic media is largely a part of this and so far complicit.

At a massive Catholic forum like the LA Congress – if the Church cannot even uphold the BASIC teachings of the Church on this subject – someone really needs to examine the mission of the Church in this area; because as far as I am concerned, when you also factor in the unchecked out-of-control LGBT ministries and “gay” controlled parishes, right now – the Church at least in the US – is part of the problem.

PS – This stuff has real-world consequences, very recently, a friend of mine who died very young got caught up in this massive deception before his death; enough is enough.


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