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Searching for prayers by Our Lady + St. Joseph for one another! 2ih01sx

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Searching for prayers by Our Lady + St. Joseph for one another!

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I'm searching for ''approved'' Catholic Church prayers by Our Lady for St. Joseph and by St. Joseph for Our Lady. I can't find any. Do you know of any? highprayer

Lord, you pour out blessings and lovingkindness on me before I can even ask. And you offer more than I could even conceive of asking. -King David, Psalm 21

2Searching for prayers by Our Lady + St. Joseph for one another! Empty Pray to St. Joseph on Tue Jun 09, 2009 1:04 am


St. Joseph is my favorite male saint. heart St. Joseph is my husband's patron Saint and Joseph is his confirmation name. Voila! I should turn to him all day on behalf of my husband. Interesting that both of our grandmother's names are the same: Josephine My grandmother Josephine was married to my grandfather - whose name was Joseph -- born on St. Joseph's feast day! praying

St. Joseph's Intercession

As foster father of Jesus and spouse of the Virgin Mother, St. Joseph enjoys a unique splendor and a power of intercession far above that of every other Saint except Our Lady. Except for the Blessed Virgin, who can plead with Jesus more effectually than St. Joseph? For if Jesus was obedient to him during His earthly life, will He not now delight to hearken with a special readiness to St. Joseph's pleadings on behalf of those who have recourse to him?

Inexpressibly great, therefore, is St. Joseph's power of intercession in Heaven; inexpressibly great is also his love for us, his charges here on earth. For this reason let us place boundless confidence in him in all the affairs of life.

Further, through one contemporary prophet, we have been told that St. Joseph has been given extended powers to use during the Tribulation.

Pope Leo XIII
(From the Encyclical QUAMQUAM PLURIES, August 15, 1889)

"Since the bond of marriage existed between Joseph and the Blessed Virgin, there can be no doubt that more than any other person he approached that supereminent dignity by which the Mother of God is raised far above all created natures."

"Blessed Joseph --- was indeed the husband of Mary and the father, as was supposed, of Jesus Christ. From this arise all his dignity, grace, holiness and glory --- [The Church] is his numberless family, scattered throughout all lands, over which he rules with a sort of paternal authority, because he is the husband of Mary and the father of Jesus Christ."

"Just as Mary, Mother of the Savior, is spiritual mother of all Christians --- Joseph looks on all Christians as having been confided to himself --- He is the defender of the Holy Church, which is truly the House of God and the Kingdom of God on earth."

The Two Josephs

The chaste Joseph of the Old Testament was Type (1) of St. Joseph, the foster father of our lord. Pharao raised him from his humble position in life to the highest dignity in the land and directed all his subjects to apply to Joseph in their needs, saying, Ite ad Joseph --- 'Go to Joseph!' (Gen. 11:55).

In the same words Holy Church and the Vicar of Christ direct the faithful to have recourse to St. Joseph in all their spiritual and temporal necessities.

St. Thomas Aquinas
Doctor of the Church

"Some Saints are privileged to extend to us their patronage with particular efficacy in certain needs, but not in others; but our holy patron St. Joseph has the power to assist us in all cases, in every necessity, in every undertaking."

St. Teresa of Avila

I took for my patron and lord the glorious St. Joseph, and recommended myself earnestly to him. I saw clearly that both out of this my present trouble, and out of others of greater importance, relating to my honor and the loss of my soul, this my father and lord delivered me, and rendered me greater services than I knew how to ask for. I cannot call to mind that I have ever asked him at any time for anything which he has not granted; and I am filled with amazement when I consider the great favors which God has given me through this blessed Saint; the dangers from which he has delivered me, both of body and of soul." (St. Teresa's Autobiography, VI, 9)

St. Teresa of Avila's "Guarantee"

"To other Saints Our Lord seems to have given power to succor us in some special necessity - but to this glorious Saint, I know by experience, He has given the power to help us in all. Our Lord would have us understand that as He was subject to St. Joseph on earth - for St. Joseph, bearing the title of father and being His guardian, could command Him - so now in Heaven Our Lord grants all his petitions. I have asked others to recommend themselves to St. Joseph, and they, too, know the same thing by experience. ---" (St. Teresa's Autobiography, VI, 9)

St. Teresa of Avila's Plea

"Would that I could persuade all men to be devoted to this glorious Saint [St. Joseph], for I know by long experience what blessings he can obtain for us from God. I have never known anyone who was truly devoted to him and honored him by particular services who did not advance greatly in virtue; for he helps in a special way those souls who commend themselves to him. It is now very many years since I began asking him for something on his feast, and I have always received it. If the petition was in any way amiss, he rectified it for my greater good --- I ask for the love of God that he who does not believe me will make the trial for himself - then he will find out by experience the great good that results from commending oneself to this glorious Patriarch and in being devoted to him. ---" (St. Teresa's Autobiography, VI, 11-12)

Venerable Mary Agreda

Our Lady said: "The Children of the world are ignorant regarding the privileges and rights which the Most High has conferred on my holy spouse, and the power of his intercession with the Divine Majesty and with me. But I assure you, my daughter, that in Heaven he is most intimate with the Lord, and has great power to avert the punishment of Divine justice from sinners. In all trials seek his intercession, because the Heavenly Father will grant whatever my spouse asks."

"On the Day of Judgment, the condemned will weep bitterly for not having realized how powerful and efficacious a means of salvation they might have had in the intercession of St. Joseph, and for not having done their utmost to gain the friendship of the Eternal Judge."

St. Gertrude

Once on the feast of the Annunciation, St. Gertrude had a vision during which the Heavenly Mother revealed to her the glory of her spouse, St. Joseph, in order to awaken in the Saint a greater love for him and to encourage her to have confidence in his intercession. Of this vision St. Gertrude wrote:

"I saw Heaven opened and St. Joseph sitting upon a magnificent throne. I felt myself wonderfully affected when, each time his name was mentioned, all the Saints made a profound inclination toward him, showing by the serenity and sweetness of their looks that they rejoiced with him on account of his exalted dignity."

St. Alphonsus Liguori

"Since we all must die, we should cherish a special devotion to St. Joseph, that he may obtain for us a happy death. All Christians regard him as the advocate of the dying who had honored him during their life, and that for three reasons:

"First, because Jesus Christ loved him not only as a friend, but as a father, and on this account his mediation is far more efficacious than that of any other Saint.

"Second, because St. Joseph has obtained special power against the evil spirits, who tempt us with redoubled vigor at the hour of death.

"Third, the assistance given St. Joseph at his death by Jesus and Mary obtained for him the right to secure a holy and peaceful death for his servants. Hence, if they invoke him at the hour of death he will not only help them, but he will also obtain for them the assistance of Jesus and Mary."

St. Joseph at Fatima
(From Fatima in Lucia's Own Words, pp. 171-2)

"In October Our Lord will come, as well as Our Lady of Dolors and our Lady of Carmel. St. Joseph will appear with the Child Jesus to bless the world ---" (Words of Our Lady, apparition of September 13, 1917)

"After our Lady had disappeared into the immense distance of the firmament, we beheld St. Joseph with the Child Jesus and Our Lady robed in white with a blue mantle, beside the sun. St. Joseph and the Child Jesus appeared to bless the world, for they traced the Sign of the Cross with their hands. When, a little later, this apparition disappeared, I saw Our Lord and Our Lady; it seemed to me that it was Our Lady of Dolors. Our Lord appeared to bless the world in the same manner as St. Joseph had done. This apparition also vanished, and I saw Our Lady once more, this time resembling Our Lady of Carmel." (Lucia's description of the vision of October 13, 1917)

Isidore of Isolanis

Isidore of Isolanis, a pious Dominican of the 16th century, prophesied that "the sound of victory" will be heard in the Church Militant "when the faithful recognize the sanctity of St. Joseph." He continues: "The Lord will let His light shine, He will lift the veil, and great men will search out the interior gifts of God that are hidden in St. Joseph; they will find in him a priceless treasure, the like of which they had never found in other saints of the Old Testament. We are inclined to believe that toward the end of time God will overwhelm St. Joseph with glorious honors. If in the past ages, during the storms of persecution, these honors could not be shown to St. Joseph, we must conclude that they have been reserved for later times. At some future time the feast of St. Joseph will be celebrated as one of the greatest of feasts. The Vicar of Christ, inspired by the Holy Spirit, will order this feast to be celebrated in the Universal Church."

Source: Ben J. Verdina (thank you thank you!!)

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Lord, you pour out blessings and lovingkindness on me before I can even ask. And you offer more than I could even conceive of asking. -King David, Psalm 21


I've been searching what seems like ''forever'' for Catholic husband prayers. I found some new prayers tonight (i.e. new prayers for me.) I didn't know I could consecrate my life to St. Joseph also..I'm full of JOY! clapping clapping cheers

Feasts of St. Joseph

The primary feast day of St. Joseph is March 19th. The Church also dedicates the entire month of March to St. Joseph. In addition, pious custom dedicates Wednesday of each week to the honor of St. Joseph.

May 1st is celebrated as the feast of St. Joseph, the Workman.

Act of Consecration To St. Joseph

O DEAREST St. Joseph, I consecrate myself to thy honor and give myself to thee, that thou mayest always be my father, my protector and my guide in the way of salvation. Obtain for me a great purity of heart and a fervent love of the interior life. After thine example, may I do all my actions for the greater glory of God, in union with the Divine Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary! And do thou, O blessed St. Joseph, pray for me that I may share in the peace and joy of thy holy death. Amen.

Another Act of Consecration to St. Joseph

O BLESSED JOSEPH, foster father of my Saviour and chaste spouse of the Mother of God, this day I irrevocably adopt thee for my intercessor with the Almighty as well as my model, my protector and my father in this valley of exile. O St. Joseph, whom the Lord constituted guardian of His Family, I beseech thee to extend thy tender solicitude over all my interests. Kindle in my heart a vehement love for Jesus and enable me to serve Him with all thy devotedness and fidelity. Aid my inability to venerate Mary as my advocate, to honor her as my Queen and to love her as my Mother. Be my never-failing guide in the way of virtue and piety, and grant that, after having faithfully followed thee in the path of justice, I may receive thy powerful protection at the hour of my death. Amen.

Memorare to St. Joseph

Remember, O most pure Spouse of the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph my beloved patron, that never has it been heard that anyone invoked thy patronage and sought thine aid without being comforted. Inspired by this confidence, I come to thee and fervently commend myself to thee. Ah, despise not my petition, dear Foster Father of our Redeemer, but accept it graciously. Amen.

Prayer to Obtain a Special Favor

O. BLESSED Saint Joseph, tenderhearted father, faithful guardian of Jesus, chaste spouse of the Mother of God, we pray and beseech thee to offer to God the Father His divine Son, bathed in blood on the Cross for sinners, and through the thrice-holy Name of Jesus, obtain for us from the Eternal Father the favor we implore. (Name your request.)

Appease the Divine anger so justly inflamed by our crimes, beg of Jesus mercy for thy children. Amid the splendors of eternity, forget not the sorrows of those who suffer, those who pray, those who weep; stay the Almighty arm which smites us, that by thy prayers and those of thy most holy spouse, the Heart of Jesus may be moved to pity and to pardon. Amen.

St. Joseph, pray for us.

Prayer In A Difficult Problem

O GLORIOUS St. Joseph, thou who hast power to render possible even things which are considered impossible, come to our aid in our present trouble and distress. Take this important and difficult affair under thy particular protection, that it may end happily. (Name your request.)

O dear St. Joseph, all our confidence is in thee. Let it not be said that we would invoke thee in vain; and since thou art so powerful with Jesus and Mary, show that thy goodness equals thy power. Amen.

St. Joseph, friend of the Sacred heart, pray for us.

A Powerful Novena to St. Joseph
(This novena has proven to be highly efficacious. It seems to be pleasing to St. Joseph and helpful to souls.)

This form of novena was originally devised by the celebrated Fr. Louis Lallemant, S.J. (1587 - 1633). It has proved particularly effective in obtaining favors through the intercession of St. Joseph. In the Life of this saintly priest and great master of the spiritual life, to whom St. Joseph never refused anything he asked, the story is told that on one occasion he urged two young priests to make this novena, promising that they would obtain everything they asked through the intercession of St. Joseph if, in turn, they would show him special honor and spread devotion to him among others.

Both did as Fr. Lallemant suggested. One of them asked for grace to speak and write worthily of Our Lord. But the next day he came to Fr. Lallemant to tell him that, upon reflection, he wished to ask for different grace, which he considered more conducive to his perfection. Fr. Lallemant replied, "It is too late now to ask for another grace. The first one has already been granted." This grace was conspicuously displayed throughout the whole course of the priest's life, as he became one of the most noted preachers and writers of his day.

How to Make the Novena :

No particular prayers need be said for this novena. Every day for nine days, turn to St. Joseph in spirit four times during the day, and honor him in the following four points.

1. During the first visit, consider St. Joseph's fidelity to grace. Reflect upon the action of the Holy Ghost in his soul. At the conclusion of this brief meditation, thank God for so honoring St. Joseph, and ask, through his intercession, for a similar grace.

2. Later in the day, consider St. Joseph's fidelity to the interior life. Study his spirit of recollection. Think, thank God, and ask.

3. Later still, consider St. Joseph's love for Our Lady. Think, thank God and ask.

4. Finally, in a fourth visit, reflect upon St. Joseph's love for the Divine Child. Think, thank God, and ask.

Other Prayers to St. Joseph



(1) This concept is discussed by Fr. William G. Most as follows in referring to the Typical sense: "In this the writer uses an event, a person, or an action to foreshadow something that is to come later. The original person or thing or event is called the 'type', and the later person or thing to which it refers is called the 'antitype'. The existence of this typical sense in a given passage can be determined only through revelation, which is interpreted for us by the Church. Thus, for example, Isaac being offered in sacrifice is a type of Christ."


Favorite Prayers to St. Joseph, TAN Books and Publishers, Inc.; Rockford Illinois 61105; NIHIL OBSTAT: Rev. Msgr. Charles W. McNamee, S.T.L., J.C. L. Censor Librorum; IMPRIMATUR: Most Rev. Thomas G. Doran, D.D., J.C.D. Bishop of Rockford April 15, 1997.

Source: Ben J. Verdina.. (thanks so much)
PS Guess what! Ben's full name is Ben Joseph Verdina. yyess St. Joseph was the one who was behind my inquiry all this time! bounce

Lord, you pour out blessings and lovingkindness on me before I can even ask. And you offer more than I could even conceive of asking. -King David, Psalm 21

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